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MIND BLOWING South INDIAN FOOD Travel Tour #1 in Madurai, India // Pongal, Vada, & Sambar Idli

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Behold the South Indian Food Travel Tour #1 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Here we got some amazing pongal, medu vada, butter dosa, and sambar idli poppin' off. It's a pretty delicious Tamil cuisine feeding frenzy to say the least. So sit back and relax, because the India travel show is about to begin.

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Indian foods featured in this video:
1. Ven Pongal
2. Sambar
3. Medu Vada
4. Kesari
5. Butter Dosa

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Camera: Sony RX100 M3 ►
Voiceover Mic: Samson Go Mic ►
In-Field Mic: Zoom H1 ►
Tripod: Manfrotto Pixi ►
EXPLANATION: I try to keep my equipment as simple as possible. 90% of the time, all I use to film is my Sony RX100 M3, and all I use for audio is my Samson Go Mic (which I use to record voiceovers after filming). Occasionally I use the Zoom H1 for audio if I want to record audio in-field. As for the Pixi tripod, I sometimes use it while filming food, but most of the time I use it to mount my Samson Go Mic on a desk for voiceovers (in conjunction with the other accessories, listed below).

Smatree SmaPole S3 (hollow pole only) ►
Joby Action Arm (arm only) ►
Joby Hand Grip (hand grip only) ►
Joby Hub Adapter ►
EXPLANATION: Because I'm often traveling, I prefer to have the lightest, smallest, most versatile components available. Therefore, I use bits and pieces from the above gear sets, and these bits and pieces can be connected together in a huge variety of ways. For example, they can be made into a long selfie stick, they can be mounted to my tripod to make it extra-tall, and they can be used with my tripod and Go Mic to position the microphone directly in front of my face while I'm recording voiceovers at a desk.

Foam Mic Cover ►
Pop Filter ►
EXPLANATION: To improve sound quality for voiceovers, I place a mic cover on the Samson Go Mic, then use an elastic band to hang the pop filter on top. This is not the best audio protection available, but it is the most minimalistic and space-efficient gear for traveling. The mic cover can also be used on the rare occasion that I record audio with the Zoom H1.

Anker Mini PowerBank ►
Silicone Cables ►
Adapter for Micro to Mini ►
Adapter for Micro to Lightning ►
EXPLANATION: Anker's lipstick-sized powerbanks are small yet powerful. I travel with two, so that if one has a low charge, I can charge it in my hotel while I'm out and about with the other powerbank. Using the powerbank in conjunction with the short, durable silicone cables and micro/mini/lightning adapters means I can charge just about any device while on-the-go.

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    1. Prabhakaran

      That dosa is so sorry looking that real dosas would discriminate it just because…
      I would suggest you some Ghee(clarified butter) Roast which is an extra crispy dosa, and some Masala Dosa.

      Btw you ate the pongal as it was meant to be. Awesome work.
      And I love your commentary!!!!

      Great video!!

  1. インドの忍者

    I wish more foreigners visit south india. North and south india are so different, in fact each state in india has a charm of its own. The world media image is mostly about north india which is a little saddening.

  2. inba Inbarajan

    1. pongal – combination of moong dal/ rice/ ginger/ pepper/ cumi / ghee/ cashews/ curry leaves
    2. coconut chutney – coconut/ roasted channa dal/ green chillies
    3. sambar – toor dal/ vegetables/ spices
    4. vada ( donut) – urad dal deep fried
    5. kesari – rava / sugar/ food colour/ cashew nuts/ raisins

  3. ζeta ruler

    Man, India really likes their chutneys. Before this, I thought I knew quite a lot of Indian foods, but now I realise I know very little. Pretty much all I know is the flatbreads and tandoori chicken.

  4. Srividhya Thirumalairajan

    My parents are from this area and whenever I visit India I have to say the Modern Restaurant in Madurai is one of the BEST tastiest restaurants ever if you ever get the chance to go back I recommend this place. They have also been interviewed by national geographic once and the locals there are super generous and nice!

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