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  1. Vikram Irusan

    Went to this place after watching ur video, it was a small place but comfortable seating arrangement. THe main draw back is everything other than biriyani is not hot… fish kulambu and fish varuval was not at all good… it tasted like old fish… other than that it was ok… items were in more quantity but less quality… i would prefer andra meals where we get everything hot other than this… it is not to demotivate just a humble opinion…

    1. Healthy food chef

      Very worst service experience not worth cost full ah ealumpu oru spoon vaikuga manachi ellama spoonla parimarlaga 500waste ah pochu sapta thitupthiye Ella fulla kolambu uthi Kari ellama enthamati worth ellathatha publicity panni yanga kasa Yan pokavaikurega very bad

  2. Sathish Singaperumalkoil

    தெண்டம் யா, 500 ரூபாய்க்கு கடையில வாங்கின, 6-7 பேருக்கு வீட்டுல அருமையா சாப்பிடலாம். மீனும் நல்லா இல்ல, சிக்கனும் நல்லா இல்ல, 150 ரூபா கொடுக்கறதே அதிகம், யாரும் போக வேண்டாம்

  3. Prasanna RAJ

    Brw I am studying in russia,cooking was -self cooking,these days am realising the richness and satisfaction of our indian food after seeing ur vlogs, it was cool,and definitely after I came to chennai airport I will have food in 👆that shop.

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