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Food for the Soul in Madurai, India

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Narayanan Krishnan saw an old man in his village eating his own waste to satisfy his hunger.. Watch to see what he did about it…

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*Food for the Soul*
Akshaya is a sanskrit word that means everlasting vessel. When Narayanan Krishnan founded The Akshaya Trust, an organization that feeds hungry and starving people living on the streets, he wanted to be the source of everlasting love and hope for those he helped. Today on Million Ways to Live, we’re Madurai, India, where Narayanan shows us how Akshaya is feeding not only their residents bodies, but also their souls.

*About Million Ways To Live*
In our international documentary travel series, we focus on what all these people have in common. We call them Healthy Lifestyle Principles:

Real Food, Movement, Rest & Relaxation, Lifelong Learning, Community, and Love.

Join us as we travel around the world to show you incredible people with amazing stories that are sure to inspire and motivate you. After watching a few episodes, we hope everyone is a little more open-minded and accepting of other ways of life and finding happiness.

*Music by Joe Minadeo*
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