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Channa Bhatura / Channa Masala & Bhatura With beginners tips / செய்வது சுலபம்….Mallika Badrinath

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Bhatura | Chole | Channa Masala | Chola poori

Ingredients :
Bhatura :
Maida -2 cups
milk – 1/2 cup
curds -1/2 cup
salt – 3/4 tsp
cooking soda – 1/4 tsp
Channa Masala :
White kabuli channa -1 cup, Soaked and cooked
oil ,Cumin seeds, Asafoetida, curry leaves, Tamarind, Coriander leaves
Tomatoes -1/4 kg pureed
To grind :
Powders : Turmeric, Dhaniya powder, Jeera powder
Garam masala powder, kashmiri chilli powder,
To serve :
Finely cut onions & lemon wedges
For oil free Channa Masala – Link

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  1. Dhakshini Ramamurthy

    Aunty, don’t even think or bother about negative comments like the body language etc. I am here for recepies and absolutely like the way you cook… Going to make chole for today lunch…

    1. mb mythili

      @Mallika Badrinath veetu samayal / Mallika Badrinath That only is natural. Your action looks like dancing. So this only is artificial. As a well-wisher I am expressing my view. Whennwe speak casually we won’t jerk our neck. Sit in a calm place and think . I like your recipes more.

  2. Anupama Natarajan

    The authentic chole dish does not use curry leaves. Also, earlier you have promoted oil less chole… now why do you say… konjam oil irundhadan nalla irukkum? Appo andha recipe nalla irukkada? Contradicting statements

    1. Mallika Badrinath veetu samayal / Mallika Badrinath

      It is everyone s wish.I do both depending upon my children s presence.When grand children come i like to do with oil.For dieting people i prepare oil free. Nothing is authentic now a days.Lots of my North Indian friends use Asafoetida and curry leaves in all their dishes as it is good for health.

    2. Anupama Natarajan

      @Mallika Badrinath veetu samayal / Mallika Badrinath I don’t know why you get so defensive. People can make the way they want for their house. But don’t you think that you should be posting an authentic recipe when you post on your youtube channel? Your northindian friends are not the benchmark for recipes. You have not added kasuri methi, whole garam masala spices also.

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