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ஐந்தே நிமிடத்தில் சேமியா பாயசம் செய்யலாமா? Quick and easy Semia Payasam

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#sweet #dessert #SouthIndian #vermicelli # சேமியா#பாயசம்
Ingredients : vermicelli -1 cup, sugar -1 cup, milk -4 cups, Saffron, cardamom powder, Badam beverage powder -1 1/2 Tbl.sp.Ghee, cashews, Almonds and kismis

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  1. Sasi Kalaa CM Chandhra Mouleeswaran

    Suganyaa-Preparing the Semiyaa Paayasam right now while seeing your video. Thank you Ms.Malligaa Madame.
    Using Bhaadhamm Powder is new to us. That fragrance and a unique taste will be so very good indeed.
    We are running the video step by step to that we can follow it.

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