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இட்லிக்கான காலிப்ளவர் கொத்தமல்லி குருமா/ No onion No garlic Cauliflower, Kothamalli Kurma

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#CorianderGravy #sidedishi#கொத்தமல்லிமசாலா#குருமா
Ingredients: cauliflower , salt , oil ,
Grind : coconut , coriander leaves , green chillies , Poppy seeds , roasted gram (chutney dhal ), cinnamon , cloves

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  1. Chennai Vasi

    Thank you for sharing the recipes. We would like to see traditional recipes, lunch combos and some beginner’s recipes for students staying away from home who can manage to cook during their free time.

  2. Sowjanya D

    By seeing the boiling stage itself, u can identify which ingredient is less, by its colour and texture, it show s ur experience and talent in cooking, today i learnt how to identify a dish , when salt is less, without tasting, thank u , mam

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