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ஆலூ பராத்தா ஹோட்டலைப்போல வீட்டிலேயே செய்யலாம் . செய்வது சுலபம் Aloo Paratha star Hotel style

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# North Indian # stuffed chappathi # potato chappathi # paratha#wheat paratha
Ingredients : Wheat flour -1 cup , Maida – 1 Tbl .sp, salt ,stuffing : Boiled mashed potatoes , salt , turmeric powder, chilli powder , Ginger garlic paste, Aniseeds ,dry mango powder , Dhaniya powder, coriander leaves, oil

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  1. Arthi vijayakumar

    Nice madam . In one video for me put a vlog like cooking a lunch combo managing time with a meal from sweet to raita , a medium combo. Am having a small baby . It ll be useful for home makers who want to expertise cooking many items with time management Thankyou.

  2. Aravind Aravind

    Nice tasty looking Recipe Madam! I have made Aloo Paratha a few times but just simple aloo with garam masala powder. Looking forward to trying your aloo paratha recipe as it looks far more tasty than what I manage to make.

    I appreciate your method of making two separate chappati rounds, filling it with aloo subji and then jointly rolling them into one paratha. This method was followed by my mother, paati and if I am right almost every tamil household for making paratha. But on other hand I have been to North Indian homes [especially Punjabis] and they tend to roll chapathi maavu into one round ball, make a hole in centre, add the aloo subji, roll into ball and then flatten into paratha and cook on tava. I used to argue with some of them saying it was not right method to make paratha as in this method the aloo would sometimes leak out through a weak spot in the chapathi maavu and right method was to make two chapathi rounds. Even my mother in law who is Punjabi swears by this method and makes it this way only. I will show your video to her and tell her this is right way to make aloo paratha!

  3. VL Saravanan

    Mam…really ur receipes are awesome…yummy to tummy…I have a request mam…can u post receipes or lunch for diabetes and sugar patients….bcoz we get confused what to give to them even after getting advice from the doctors….neenga senji kaamithaalo alladhu adhu sambandhama epdi pannalaama pesunaalum useful ah irukkum mam…my kind request mam…

  4. Hari Haran

    Why not show the recipe for amchur powder. Is it that difficult for not even giving a try even asking it very long back? Super soft paratha. Is there any trick to make soft chapathi if using multi grains flour?

    1. Mallika Badrinath veetu samayal / Mallika Badrinath

      Am chur is easily available. If you want grate and sprinkle very little salt , squeeze and dry under hot Sun during Raw mangoes are in season. Powder after it turns dry. I always use multigrain flour for chappathi. It comes out soft only. If you add hot water for kneading , it will be very soft.

  5. Sri Krishna

    Recipe for superb Alu Parantha

    BOIL only 75% potato after peeling
    Then cut it in very small pieces

    Add 2 spoon Kadalai mavu
    Don’t fry potato masala all keep raw and don’t add garam masala

    The Wheat dough Should be little lose just add 10% extra water

    Don’t mix the potato masala with any spoon or hand just mix it with fork or knife so the potato masala will not become like paste
    Add 1 tea spoon sugar in wheat dough
    Add 1 cup milk with water for wheat dough

    How much you take wheat ball same size or 110% potato stuff to fill
    Without adding 2 ball try to make it in one ball
    And make it flat by hand itself then use roller and roll it very gently
    This Alu Parantha should be litte thick only

    First bake it dry both side then add Ghee on Sim flame till it’s become golden brown
    After that apply butter on it and sparkle pepper powder

    Side dish recommend mango pickle and solid curd

    ( Rest all recipe is same as per in this video)

    1. Mallika Badrinath veetu samayal / Mallika Badrinath

      Thanks for your tips.I learnt this from my sindhi i friend 45 years before.We like this thin only.My husband wanted it this way only.Whatever i cook at home only – i share.

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