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Vendhaya Uthappam(2 )&Palak Chutney-Mallika Badrinath -Tamil அரைக்கமிக்ஸி போதும் மெத்தென்றுஇருக்கும்

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#மல்லிகாபத்ரிநாத்#தமிழ்நாடு #டிபன்#ஊத்தப்பம் #குளுமைதரும்
Idli Rice -1 cup , Fenugreek seeds -2 tsps , salt , oil

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  1. vmavideo

    Hello Mam, I will try this recipe. Can you please explain a little bit about fermentation methods in colder climates. Typically, my idli batter takes about 18-20 hours after keeping it in a hot oven with the light switched on. And even that for me is a hit or miss. The batter does not rise all the time. Do you have any tips regarding this? It will be really helpful. Thank you !

    1. Mallika Badrinath veetu samayal / Mallika Badrinath

      Use some warm water for washing mixie or grinder. Mix it with the batter at the end. Use a stainless steel vessel to keep the batter. Use a thick blanket to cover the vessel. You may need more time in cold climate.

  2. Hari Haran

    Really liked this dosai..it came out really soft..but noticed that batter didn’t raise as much as double so what could be the mistake? Used mixie to grind it & kept the batter for more than 10 hrs overnight. Also can we take this dosai during travel? Will it be ideal for it? Will the softness retain even after few hours?

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